Fast facts from Newport Beach Police to keep our community safe

A series courtesy of the Newport Beach Police Department

Courtesy of NBPD

Vehicle Security Reminders

Please consider implementing the following tips to avoid being the victim of a theft from your car.

–Do not leave valuables in your car. This includes purses, bags, backpacks, laptops, cash, keys, sports equipment, even sunglasses.

–If you must leave property in your vehicle, make sure you put it in the trunk or conceal it BEFORE you arrive at your destination.

–Always lock your car and roll up your windows – even when parking in your driveway or when you will only be gone a few minutes.

–Park your car in a well-lit area.

–If your vehicle has an alarm, always activate it!

–When parking outside of your garage, treat your garage door opener as if it were a key to your home and remove it from your vehicle.


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