Fast facts from Newport Beach Police to keep our community safe

A series courtesy of the Newport Beach Police Department

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Courtesy of NBPD

The NBPD has created a new page on their website providing traffic safety information to residents, with a focus on e-bike regulations and safety

The Newport Beach Police Department (NBPD) has created a new page on the website to help provide traffic safety information to residents. A main focus for the page is on electric bike regulations and safety guidelines.

The site addresses the most common questions and concerns raised by Newport Beach residents including information about rules and regulations around e-bikes, resources for kids and parents, safety tips for all bike riders, and information about what the police department is doing about e-bikes and traffic safety in general.

Some additional questions answered on this page include:

–Are Sur-Ron type vehicles street legal?

–What is a “sharrow?”

–Are e-bikes allowed on the boardwalk?

–Can I modify my e-bike to go faster?

To get the answers to these questions (and more), view the bicycle and traffic safety page here.

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