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Home security during a fumigation

Recently, a home in Newport Beach was burglarized while being tented for fumigation. Despite the hazardous conditions inside the home during a fumigation treatment, some home burglars target tented houses because it is obvious that the residence is unoccupied. Typically, in these types of burglaries, a suspect enters a tented structure (single family home, apartment complex, or condo) and removes valuables, such as electronics and jewelry.

If your home is being fumigated, consider taking the following measures:

–Talk to your fumigation company about their policies on securing windows/exterior doors, setting your alarm and security measures they use/recommend, etc.

–Remove valuables (including jewelry, electronics and important financial documents) from your home prior to the fumigation process.

–Place dowels in windows to prevent them from being opened more than three to four inches.

–Utilize or add exterior lighting outside the area the tent will cover to keep the area well-lit and visible.

–Notify your immediate neighbors to be alert and ask them to report suspicious activity immediately by calling the NBPD non-emergency number at 949.644.3717.

–Arrange for a private security company to be on site for the duration of the tenting.

–Monitor your home with interior motion sensor cameras.

–Call Newport Beach Police Department at 949.644.3717, and request extra patrol at your residence during the time your home is tented.

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