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Fast facts from Newport Beach Police to keep our community safe

A series courtesy of the Newport Beach Police Department

NBPD 2023 by the numbers

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Courtesy of NBPD

The NBPD was busy in 2023

Exactly how busy was the Newport Beach Police Department in 2023? Check out the numbers below to see what NBPD was up to last year.

Total Phone Calls Handled in Dispatch: 169,371 (includes outgoing calls)

Total CAD Events Entered: 101,945

Number of 911 Calls Answered: 40,940

Answered in 15 seconds: 99.85%

Answered in 10 seconds: 99.54%

Number of days with 100% of calls answered within 10 seconds: 259

Number of Priority 1 Calls*: 57 (includes some field-initiated calls)

Average response time for Priority 1 Call*: 3:00

Number of Priority 2 Calls*: 3,986

Average response time for Priority 2 Call*: 5:57

Total Arrests: 2,566 (Approximately seven per day)

*You can compare these numbers and learn more about how NBPD prioritizes calls on the NBPD website here.

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