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Welcome to 2024…Sara Weber announces candidacy for Mayor Will O’Neill’s termed-out seat

Well, that didn’t take long. No sooner had the calendar flipped pages from 2023 to 2024, coming into an election year at that, did we see another candidate join the field for a planned run at a Newport Beach City Council seat.

Sara Weber, life-long Newport Beach resident, born (Hoag) and raised, Our Lady Queen of Angels and Corona del Mar High School educations, college at the University of San Diego (including grad school), local business owner, married, mother of two and more, will seek the District 7 seat being vacated by the termed-out Mayor Will O’Neill at year’s end.

So, the first question I had for Sara was how do you plan to fill Will O’Neill’s shoes? For those of you wondering, they happen to be size 14s. So those are some big, BIG shoes to fill!

“First off, Will has been spectacular, sitting down with me and spending time to discuss (the opportunity),” said Sara. “Funny you should say that about filling his shoes because he said it wasn’t about that, it’s about what else can I do for Newport Beach that he hasn’t.

“Hopefully, it’s about me creating my own legacy,” she added, “And I’m excited for that opportunity.”

Sara doesn’t have specific prior experience on City committees or in elected offices, but explains that her strength is actually growing up in Newport Beach, watching closely as the City evolves under good governance, buying a home, running her own business in town, and now raising her kids here (Jane 8 and Jules 5). As she said, she’s fully invested in Newport Beach for its best future.

How would Sara explain what’s important to her? “I support funding our police, building and maintaining core infrastructure, and safeguarding Newport Beach’s unique charm as an exceptional place for our children and the generations that will follow. I look forward to discussing with voters ways to preserve and enhance Newport’s legacy as a community that thrives with a distinct blend of tradition, growth and unwavering commitment to its residents.”

Sara comes out of the gate strong with Mayor O’Neill, Mayor Pro Tem Joe Stapleton, immediate past Mayor Noah Blom and Councilmember Lauren Kleiman among her growing list of endorsements.

“Sara Weber’s financial acumen as a licensed Certified Public Accountant will go a long way to ensuring that Newport Beach remains a beacon of good governance. We don’t run deficits here and we fund our public safety,” said Mayor O’Neill, “And she is committed to our city’s quality of life for our children, our grandchildren and generations to come.”

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Sara Weber announces her intentions for run to replace Mayor Will O’Neill in Newport Beach’s 7th Council District

And, immediate Past Mayor Blom added, “Sara is a servant leader who fights for the same virtues that we all share. She is fiercely protective of her children and wants the best for our families.”

With the election still 11 months away, Sara currently has no announced opposition. She’ll join a ballot that would so far include Nancy Scarbrough and Michelle Barto vying for termed-out Brad Avery’s District 2 seat, and 2023 Mayor Noah Blom running for re-election in District 5.

• • •

Batten down the patio furniture. King Tides are forecasted for this area next Thursday and Friday (Jan. 11-12). According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, here’s what to expect: Thursday (Jan. 11) calls for a high tide of 6.84 ft. at 8:18 a.m. and on Friday (Jan. 12) of 6.83 ft. at 9:02 a.m.

King Tides are the highest high tides of the year – usually several feet higher than average high tides.

Fortunately, Newport Beach prepares for these instances and should manage with little or no issues to most, if not all, residents.

• • •

My friend Laird Hayes and I began a group called Talking Sports several months back in 2023. The premise is what it says, to get people together with a common interest to talk sports once a month.

No dues, no membership forms, no commitments…just getting a comfortable seat with all of us at OASIS Senior Center and talking about something many of us are passionate about. We usually meet on the third Tuesday of the month in Room 4 at OASIS from 3-5 p.m.

The next one is Tuesday, Jan. 16. We’ve even invited guests to add to each program. For instance, at this next one is Richard Dunn, sportswriter and author.

His current book is Press Pass Paradise, which is now available on Amazon. Rich was sports editor for years at the Daily Pilot and now contributes to the Orange County Register.

Rich will join us talking sports and sign copies at the end of our gathering for those interested in purchasing one of his books.

In the following months, joining us will be (February) Scott Daruty of The Stronach Group (owners of Santa Anita Racetrack) talking about the horse racing industry; (March) Bob Murray, Calgary Flames scout and former Anaheim Ducks general manager and Chicago Blackhawks defenseman from 1975-1990; (April) Julie Jacobs, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader; (May) Charlie Buckingham and David Blackman talking Olympic Sailing and Officiating of Sailing Races.

With more to come.

It’s fun, join us.

We only have three rules: 1) No Dues, 2) No Politics (unless it refers directly to sports) and 3) Everyone gets an opportunity to talk.

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