Capturing iconic Newport Beach and beyond: Mossy Creek, Jefferson City, Tenn. lowland culvert

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Artwork by Don Krotee

The setting was field sketched and backpainted en plein air, and was finished with some dark values, in the studio in Hilton Head, S.C. The culvert serviced regional run-off from Mossy Creek, through suburban. The bridge supported a commercial rail spur, within the rural Appalachian corridor. The painting was done on a 1/4 sheet, 300# Fabriano, X-white and painted 100% transparent in four, rapid five-minute sessions. The brilliant back lighting made for bright light and medium colors and even managed a “light at the end of the brief tunnel.” There are brief parts of light on the ground and water, done by “not painting parts of the white of the paper.”


Don Krotee is a Corona del Mar resident and has had a long local political, environmental and housing interest. He is an architect, sailor and SPON board member (Newport’s oldest environmental nonprofit), and has provided original paintings and drawings to Stu News from iconic Newport Beach and around the world.


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