Capturing iconic Newport Beach and beyond: Kalymos, Greece

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Artwork by Don Krotee

Four summers ago, I had the great pleasure of joining a college professor and 10 other artists to paint with Herman Pekel, a renown Melbourne artist. We painted land and cityscapes on five islands in the Aegean. This scene was re-painted only a week ago, where I repeated one of many lessons that Pekel delivered to many a student. This time I was teaching in North Carolina and the message was, “Always pay close attention to the direction of the light.” This small marina was one of the many scenes painted originally in Greece. Often, the early morning sun can reveal the warm light and cool shade, clearly showing the direction of the light. View the few sail boats in the fore and middle ground with low hills and a marina in the background. It’s painted in transparent watercolor on 300# Fabriano paper.


Don Krotee is a long-time resident of Corona del Mar, active in local political, environmental and housing affairs and a board member of SPON, Newport’s oldest environmental nonprofit. Krotee is an architect, sailor and fine artist, providing images of his original paintings and drawings to Stu News from iconic Newport Beach and around the world.


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