Capturing iconic Newport Beach and beyond: Santa Rosa/San Jacinto Visitors Center, Palm Desert

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Artwork by Don Krotee

Plein Air painting competitions will be featured in the desert this winter, continuing through February. Outdoor painting, the literal translation of the French Plein Air, is popular with local painting groups often seen painting a scene like this at the Visitors Center, north from Highway 111 on the east side of Highway 74. The area has several stands of date palms, whose fronds are untrimmed and grow to the ground. This work is a 16” x 20” transparent watercolor, painted on 140# paper.


Don Krotee is a 37-year resident of Corona del Mar and a board member of SPON, Newport’s oldest environmental nonprofit. Krotee is an architect, a sailor and a fine artist, providing images of his original paintings and drawings to Stu News from iconic Newport Beach and around the world.

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