A Q&A with an NBPD Parking Control Officer

In 2023, NBPD’s Parking Control Officers (PCOs) issued 1,547 citations. While street sweeping, red curbs and blocked driveways are part of the day-to-day life of a PCO, most residents are not as familiar with the ins and outs of these common parking issues. To help share a little bit of this knowledge, Parking Control Supervisor Matthew Kerman answers some of the most frequently asked questions received by NBPD’s PCOs.

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A Newport Beach Police Parking Control Officer

Q: How far into the red curb can I park before I get a ticket?

A: Contrary to common belief, the law states that no part of a vehicle can be parked within a red zone. There have been multiple cases where a vehicle that is legally parked against a curb has been blocked in by a vehicle that is merely inches into the red and the vehicle that is partially in the red must be towed.

Q: There is a car on our street that has been parked there for quite a few days/weeks and it does not appear to have moved. Is this a Parking Control issue?

A: The City of Newport Beach has a 72-hour municipal code which states all vehicles must move 100 ft. or have a difference of 1/10 of a mile showing on the odometer every 72 hours. The process in Newport Beach is initiated via a call to the non-emergency dispatch number at 949.644.3717. The officer will go out and run the vehicle to verify it is not stolen and then will issue a warning and mark the vehicle’s tire. We will follow up in 72 hours. If the vehicle remains at the location with no change after seven days, it will then be towed.

Q: I live in a private community. Should I call Parking Control if there is a parking issue?

A: Private property is enforced by the community’s HOA. However, some violations, such as fire lanes and disabled parking spots, can still be enforced. If the private community has signage at all entrances stating it is California Vehicle Code enforced, the Police Department can then enforce all violations, such as driveway blocks, red zones and abandoned.

Q: If the street sweeper already passed, can I park behind it or do I have to wait until after the posted time?

A: In Newport Beach, the street sweeper only passes one time and the enforcement officers are always in front of the actual street sweeper. We allow homeowners to park after the sweeper goes by. If you ever receive a citation when you believe the sweeper has gone by and swept, you can contest the citation at www.pticket.com/nb, and the hearing officer can request the GPS location from the actual street sweeping truck and see if they did go by before the citation was issued. Generally, this is not the case, but mistakes can be made.

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A street sweeper sign prominently displayed

Q: Are parking laws enforced on holidays?

A: All parking violations are enforced on holidays; the exception would be street sweeping. The best place to look to see if the street sweepers are running is on the City of Newport Beach’s calendar from their website. It will specifically say “no street sweeping due to holiday.”

Q: If someone’s car is blocking my driveway, can I call Parking Control?

A: If a vehicle is blocking the entrance or exit to your driveway, you can have a parking control officer respond by contacting the non-emergency dispatch line at 949.644.3717. The officer will respond and assess the situation and decide if a citation/warning/or tow is necessary and legal.

Q: If it’s raining, do you still enforce the street sweeping signs?

A: When it is raining outside, the outsourced company notifies us whether or not the street sweepers will be operating in the city. The street sweepers are very inefficient when heavy water is present on the ground. The morning when the street sweeper is canceled, an email is sent to both NBPD’s dispatch and the front desk. The best number would be to contact the front desk at 949.644.3681 and ask if street sweeping will be enforced. Their hours are 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. seven days a week.

For general parking questions, you can contact the PCO office at 949.644.3741. If you need to request a PCO to respond to a parking issue, you can do so by calling NBPD’s non-emergency dispatch number at 949.644.3717.


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