A note from Tom…

On Saturday, May 18, I fell ill after playing in a local golf tournament.

Two days later, I headed down to Hoag Hospital ER and was admitted, following a CAT Scan that showed I was affected by some internal issues.

I called Stu News Editor Lana Johnson and said I wouldn’t be able to submit the first of my Fair Game columns that week, and to please list me as “on vacation.”

I remained in Hoag as the next deadline approached, still unable to write and asked Lana to again list me as “on vacation.”

Week 1 moved into Week 2 and the doctors were seeing no improvement. I was diagnosed with acute diverticulitis, abscesses and a small bowel obstruction.

Surgery was expected to follow.

On Tuesday, May 28, I had surgery performed and was helped through the process by many wonderful people at Hoag.

I am now in the recovery mode which is expected to take some time.

Couple of points:

Fortunately, many people have stepped forward here at Stu News, including Lana, to make sure our publications continue to get out and provide the best local content possible.

In the coming weeks, please continue to provide Stu News with your stories. With “one man down,” adhering to deadlines for editorial submissions is greatly appreciated.

This too shall pass, and I look forward to returning to my role and love for Stu News Newport in the future.

Stay in touch,

Tom Johnson


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